All Balls - Air Filter for Kawasaki (48-1018)

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  • Designed to provide increased horsepower and acceleration
  • Pleated cotton media provides a large filtration area offering low restriction, high-capacity and long service intervals
  • Multiple layers of woven cotton gauze media offers excellent filtration
  • Fits directly into OEM air box with application specific sealing bead ensuring a precise fit!


  • 2014 KAWASAKI KRF800 Teryx
  • 2015 KAWASAKI KRF800 Teryx
  • 2017 KAWASAKI KRF800 Teryx
  • 2014 KAWASAKI KRF800F Teryx EPS
  • 2015 KAWASAKI KRF800F Teryx EPS
  • 2016 KAWASAKI KRF800F Teryx EPS
  • 2017 KAWASAKI KRF800F Teryx EPS
  • 2018 KAWASAKI KRF800F Teryx EPS
  • 2019 KAWASAKI KRF800F Teryx EPS
  • 2020 KAWASAKI KRF800F Teryx EPS
  • 2020 KAWASAKI KRF800G Teryx LE EPS
  • 2014 KAWASAKI KRT800 Teryx4
  • 2015 KAWASAKI KRT800 Teryx4
  • 2017 KAWASAKI KRT800 Teryx4
  • 2016 KAWASAKI KRT800 Teryx4 Camo
  • 2015 KAWASAKI KRT800 Teryx4 EPS
  • 2014 KAWASAKI KRT800D Teryx4 EPS
  • 2016 KAWASAKI KRT800F Teryx4 EPS
  • 2017 KAWASAKI KRT800F Teryx4 EPS
  • 2018 KAWASAKI KRT800F Teryx4 EPS
  • 2019 KAWASAKI KRT800F Teryx4 EPS
  • 2020 KAWASAKI KRT800F Teryx4 EPS
  • 2020 KAWASAKI KRT800G Teryx4 LE EPS

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