Backup Battery-to-SAE adapter

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It's plug & play in its purest form. Make sure the blue end fits your backup battery.

This essential bit of kit allows you to plug your emergency jump-starter battery (aka power bank) directly to the SAE plug (the one you use for trickle charging) wired to your bike battery.

If you're like us, and tend not to replace your bike battery until it's died on you in the deep rhubarb at least 10 times, this hassle-reducing fix means you don't have to get off, take off your seat (or plastics, if you're on a F800GS), connect the alligator clips and put it all back together.

Plus, it's made with high-quality material that weighs less than your middle finger.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The cable connected to your battery must be able to handle the high current used to jump start the bike safely. Most cables are not thick enough to do the job. We have made special heavy duty cables with an inline fuse for this purpose that are compatible with this adapter.

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