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BikeMaster® Compression Tester allows you to quickly and easily inspect engine compression on both 4- and 2-stroke engines.

Manufactured with brass and steel fittings, you can quickly check the condition of piston rings, valves, etc.


  • Easy to read precision 0-300psi gauge with protective rubber boot
  • Hose and adapters included for 10mm, 12mm and 14mm spark plugs
  • Integrated quick disconnect fitting for easy hose installation and removal
  • Nylon storage pouch.

Typical Usage

A compression tester is a great tool to check the condition of a used motor one cylinder at a time. It threads in place of the spark plug and as you run the starter (or kick starter) , the pressure gauge shows you two important metric about that cylinder:

  1. Maximum pressure that cylinder can build up.

  2. When you stop the starter you can see how quickly the pressure is lost.

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