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Know exactly how much torque you are applying. Featuring an easy-to-read digital display with auto shut-off and built-in memory, the BikeMaster® Digital Torque Wrench logs your 50 previous torque values and includes Peak and Track modes, providing the option to log the highest torque achieved. A built-in alarm with flashing red light alerts you when the set torque value is reached. Stores safely away in the provided, heavy-duty carrying case.


  • Measures in four units: in.-lbs., ft.-lbs., Nm and kg-m
  • 1/4" wrench is 9" in length with 4.4-22.1 ft.-lbs. range
  • 3/8" wrenches is 9" in length with 19.9-99.6 ft.-lbs. range
  • 1/2" is 19" in length with 29.5-147.5 ft.-lbs. range.

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