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This charger has it all with 6- and 12-Volt capabilities, 2- or 4-Amp charge rates. The BikeMaster Intelligent Charger/Maintainer is ideal for charging/maintaining conventional acid batteries, factory-activated, maintenance-free batteries, absorbed glass mat maintenance-free batteries (AGM) and gel batteries. This fully automatic battery charger detects 6- or 12-Volt, reverse polarity, overcharge and short circuit protection in addition to testing if the battery is good or needs replacing. It has easy-to-read LED lights that indicate power on, 6- or 12-Volt selection, 2-Amp or 4-Amp charge rates and the status of the battery charge.


  • Color-coded alligator clip leads and color-coded quick disconnect battery terminals
  • 6-Volt mode has a bulk charge rate of 2-Amps; 12-Volt mode has a selectable charge rate of 2-Amps and 4-Amps
  • A float charge of 1.5-Amps is used for absorption: a constant high current for extended periods of time can damage a battery; to rectify this issue, constant 1.5-Amps low charging current is given until the battery is fully charged (13.6-Volts)
  • The charger monitors the battery voltage: if a 12-Volt battery voltage falls below 12.8-Volts (6-Volt battery falls below 6.2-Volts) the charger automatically restarts the charging cycle; the maintenance charging cycle is repeated indefinitely, thus, allowing the charger to stay connected worry free
  • Recovery mode is used to revive batteries that are not completely dead but have fallen below 8-Volts; the recovery mode charges at a constant 1.5-Amps; the recovery process automatically switches to the regular charging mode when the voltage reaches 10.5-Volts; the charger will then automatically switch from charge mode to maintenance mode when the battery is fully charged.
  • Sleek, durable composite housing for long service life
  • Power on indicator: red LED light
  • Battery voltage indicator: 6- or 12-Volt automatic selection; solid red LED light will indicate battery voltage, if the battery is bad the light will flash
  • Reverse polarity indicator: red LED light will warn if the battery connections are reversed
  • Charge current indicator: use the MODE button to select between 2-Amps or 4-Amps
  • Charge indicator: red LED light indicates the battery is charging, green LED light indicates fully charged battery
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty.

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