BRP - Rubber Mount Scotts Steering damper for KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290 Adventure

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Due to high demands for Scotts Steering Dampers and production delays at Scotts manufacturing plant, if your order includes a Scotts Steering Damper, there may be a delay of 1 to 3 weeks in shipping your package. We receive weekly shipments of dampers from Scotts and fulfill orders on a first come first serve basis.


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BRP Rubber SUB Mount Kit is a complete kit that includes a Scotts steering stabilizer and tower for your KTM 1190 Adventurer. This kit comes with a BRP Rubber SUB Mount, Bolt on tower and Scotts steering stabilizer with an 8mm longer link arm (Required to use for this application).

The BRP Rubber SUB "Scotts Under Bar" Mount is the latest in stabilizer mounting options and is a very popular setup for Adventure riding, Dual Sport, motocross and off road riders. The SUB Mount is designed to run 1 1/8" ProTaper style handlebar and mounts your Scotts stabilizer below the handlebar replacing the bar mount assembly on your OEM triple clamps. The SUB Mount setup offers several benefits over a conventional "above bar" stabilizer setup.

  • Increased high-speed stability, especially on the highway
  • 38mm taller bar position
  • Handlebars are moved forward 13mm to open up the rider cockpit
  • Reduced risk of injury by coming into contact with stabilizer

BRP KTM Adventure SUB Mounts are designed exclusively to fit the OEM triple clamps.

BRP is an authorized Scotts Stabilizer Dealer and Service center with an extensive knowledge of stabilizer mounting applications. We have a complete line of stabilizer mounting applications and replacement parts. When it comes to service we offer complete service on all Scotts stabilizers.

What is included?

Mount kit ( DM-900033-64 )

  • Handle bar rubber mount
  • Frame mount pin holder
  • Link-arm removal tool for your damper
  • one +8 stepped link arm (damper arm)

Full kit ( DS-900033-64 )

  • Everything in the Mount kit except the Link-arm removal tool
  • One Scotts steering damper with the link-arm installed on it.

Compatibility with TripleClamp Moto HeadStraight for KTM 1050/1190/1290

In short:

  • The HeadStraight for KTM 1090 and 1290 Super Adventure R (SAR) can be ordered in "BRP compatible" version.

  • The HeadStraight for KTM 1190 is not compatible with this BRP kit.


TripleClamp Moto's HeadStraight is the product that reinforces the four headlight mount points on the frame of the bike. These mount points are known to brake. The HeadStraight has an optional part to install a Scotts Steering damper on the bike along side the frame reinforcement parts. However, if you prefer to install this BRP kit on your bike, or if you own this kit already and want the HeadStraight, you can order the "HeadStraight Only" for your 1090 and 1290 SAR in "BRP compatible" version. That version eliminates the pin holder portion of the kit the BRP's pin holder can be installed. The rubber mount damper bracket portion of the BRP kit does not interfere with the HeadStraight.

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