BRP Damper Mount for KTM Adventure 950/990

Vendor: Scotts Performance
SKU: BRP-DM-1000627-30

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Due to high demands for Scotts Steering Dampers and production delays at Scotts manufacturing plant, if your order includes a Scotts Steering Damper, there may be a delay of 1 to 3 weeks in shipping your package. We receive weekly shipments of dampers from Scotts and fulfill orders on a first come first serve basis.


Available in solid mount or rubber mount and works for ADVENTURE models only.

The BRP DT-RSA SUB Kit comes complete with everything needed to rubber-mount your handlebars in order to isolate vibration and reduce arm pump. The DT-RSA SUB kit comes with a BRP triple clamp, rubber mounted SUB mount, Scotts stabilizer, bolt-on tower and key switch bracket. It's priced as a package to reduce cost.

The BRP rubber mounted SUB "Scotts Under Bar" Mount is the latest in stabilizer mounting options. The rubber SUB mount uses a 4 post system with 8 polyurethane bushings. It drastically reduces vibration and is designed to accommodate 1 1/8" oversized handlebars. The SUB mount setup offers several benefits over a conventional "above bar" stabilizer setup:

  • Increased high-speed stability, especially on highway
  • Approximately 5mm taller bar position over stock
  • Reduced risk of injury by coming into contact with stabilizer

BRP KTM Adventure SUB Mounts are designed exclusively to fit BRP or Scotts triple clamps. Due to the design of the OEM clamp, this is the only way to mount a stabilizer on these machines.

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