EBC - "G" Grooved Brake Shoes for Honda (351G)

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Grooved brake shoes for better performance in wet conditions.


Brand Model Year
HONDA TRX350FE 4x4 Rancher ES 2000-2006
HONDA TRX350FM 4x4 Rancher 2000-2006
HONDA TRX350TE 2x4 Rancher ES 2000-2006
HONDA TRX350TM 2x4 Rancher 2000-2006
HONDA TRX400FA 4x4 Rancher Auto 2004-2007
HONDA TRX400FG 4x4 Rancher GPS 2004-2005
HONDA TRX400FGA 4x4 Rancher GPS Auto 2006-2007
HONDA TRX400FW 4x4 Foreman 1995-2001, 2003
HONDA TRX420FA1 4x4 Rancher Auto DCT 2014-2016
HONDA TRX420FA2 4x4 Rancher Auto DCT EPS 2014, 2018-2021
HONDA TRX420FA5 4x4 Rancher Auto DCT IRS 2015-2021
HONDA TRX420FE1 4x4 Rancher ES 2007-2013
HONDA TRX420FM1 4x4 Rancher 2007-2021
HONDA TRX420FM2 4x4 Rancher EPS 2020-2021
HONDA TRX420FPE 4x4 Rancher ES EPS 2009-2013
HONDA TRX420FPM 4x4 Rancher EPS 2009-2013
HONDA TRX420TE 2x4 Rancher ES 2007-2016
HONDA TRX420TE1 2x4 Rancher ES 2020-2021
HONDA TRX420TM1 2x4 Rancher 2007-2021
HONDA TRX450ES 4X4 Foreman ES 1998-2001
HONDA TRX450FE 4x4 Foreman ES 2002-2004
HONDA TRX450FM 4x4 Foreman S 2002-2004
HONDA TRX450S 4X4 Foreman S 1998-2001
HONDA TRX500FE 4x4 Foreman ES 2014-2016
HONDA TRX500FE 4x4 Foreman ES EPS 2017
HONDA TRX500FE2 4x4 Foreman ES EPS 2019
HONDA TRX500FM 4x4 Foreman 2014-2018
HONDA TRX500FM1 4x4 Foreman 2019
HONDA TRX500FM2 4x4 Foreman EPS 2015-2016
HONDA TRX500FPE 4x4 Foreman ES EPS 2014-2016, 2018

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