EBC - "MD" Brake Rotor for Yamaha (MD6174D)

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The MD series discs are a stainless steel (INOX) exact size and shape replacement for original discs.

If low price is your target then the MD series stainless scooter disc rotors will be a great choice, being made from a mill hard rolled steel, these rotors are machined to match the original units, mechanically de-stressed to avoid any chance of rotor distortion, surface finished for precise smoothness and then zinc coated to prevent corrosion or rusting in areas not contacted by the brake pad.

2 sets required. Sold in single units


Brand Model Year
YAMAHA Kodiak 400 4x4 Dual Range YFM40F 2000
YAMAHA Kodiak 400 4x4 Hunter YFM400FAH 2001-2002
YAMAHA Kodiak 400 Ultra 2x4 YFM400A 2000
YAMAHA Kodiak 400 Ultra YFM40FA 2000-2001
YAMAHA Kodiak 450 YFM45F 2003-2004
YAMAHA Kodiak 4x4 YFM400F 2001-2002
YAMAHA Kodiak YFM400A 2002
YAMAHA Wolverine 450 4x4 SE YFM450FX 2007
YAMAHA Wolverine 450 4x4 YFM450FX 2006-2010

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