ErzBURGER - Headlight DIY Kit - for KTM 950 SE and 950 SM

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Kit includes everything to retrofit Baja Designs XL series lights onto your KTM 950SE, SM, SMT or SMR headlight housing

Take your 950 down the path best lit

The stock KTM 950SXX incandescent headlight (it's the same unit in all 950 non-ADV bikes) doesn’t light up a trail or empty roadway at night well enough to ride with confidence. External aux lights help, but still leave you with a substandard main headlight. And externals add weight and can bend or break in a fall.

Our ErzBURGER-XL80 (or XL Pro) solution replaces the stock incandescent light and reflector with an ultra-powerful light pack -- all inside the existing headlamp housing.

What's an ErzBURGER?

It's a two-piece 3-D printed bracket solution we've designed and manufactured to hold Baja Designs XL80 or XL Pro lights. The ErzBURGER name is our nod to the great race to where the SE's roots trace back.

Why Baja Designs?

We experimented with various lights until settling on Baja Designs' ultra-penetrating XL series dimmable LED lights for our solution. In return, Baja Designs is producing two special versions of their XL series just to fit our ErzBURGER: The XL80 9,500-lumen and XL Pro 4,900-lumen models.

What's in the ErzBURGER DIY Kit:

  • ErzBURGER bracket ass'ly
  • Your choice of Baja Designs XL80 (9,500-lumen) or XL Pro (4,900-lumen)
  • Wiring harness (to control the light with stock high/low handle bar switches)
  • Small LED marker bulb to replace incandescent unit

How is it installed?

  1. Remove stock headlight from bike
  2. Separate the lens (no heat needed) from headlight housing
  3. Remove reflector and bulb, replacing them with the ErzBURGER bracket and XL light (pre-installed in it)
  4. Reinstall headlight lens using silicone glue
  5. Plug new harness into old headlight plug when reinstalling headlight on bike

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