Golan - “G” Stainless Steel Reusable Fuel Filter

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Golan Products Fuel filters have matchless quality and performance in the racing industry for years and now we like to introduce their brand new “G” Oil Fuel/filters. The “G” filter contains a 304 stainless steel pleated element with 80/40 square inches of filtration area that is washable and reusable indefinitely.

It features quick and comfortable access to filter element without any tools and without disconnecting the line, simply unscrew the cap on top by hand and remove filter element without spilling any oil. Outlet is raised inside the filter body to keep dirt out while removing filter element for cleaning. A drain screw is provided on the lower front of the body, while Oil/Fuel drain from the bottom.

The “G” Oil Filter has a built-in anti-drain valve, (preventing dry starts). This feature could be useful in certain applications or it may be easily omitted if desired. Oil Filter has a bypass check valve to ensure oil flow.


  • Height: 4.8” Inches
  • Diameter: 3.0” Inches
  • Filter Medium: 2.0” dia. x 2.8” high 304 pleated SST
  • Effective Filtering Area: 40.0” Square Inches
  • Filter Efficiency: 45 Micron
  • Operating Pressure 2,500 PSIG
  • Flow Rate (20 PSIG): 20.4 GPM Under 20 PSIG
  • Drop In Pressure (20 PSIG): 1.0%
  • Weight: 1.75 LB

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