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  • Designed to be compatible with modern Synthetic oils.
  • Synthetic Media allows for the high-flow rates associated with Synthetic and Synthetic blended oils
  • Large uniform pleated Synthetic Filter Media Provides high-capacity and outstanding filtration
  • Pressure relief valve and (where applicable)

Manufacturer Part #: KN-160

F650GS 2008-2012
F700GS ABS 2013-2017
F750GS ABS 2018-2019
F800GS 2008-2012
F800GS Adventure ABS 2015-2018
F800GT ABS 2013-2017
F800R 2010-2012
F800R ABS 2013-2017
F850GS ABS 2018-2019
F850GS Adventure ABS 2019
HP4 ABS 2013-2014
HP4 Competition US 2014
K1200GT ABS 2005-2008
K1200R 2006-2008
K1200S ABS 2005-2008
K1300GT ABS 2009-2010
K1300GT Exclusive Edition 2011
K1300R 2009-2012
K1300R ABS 2013-2014
K1300R US 2015-2016
K1300S ABS 2009-2016
R1200RT ABS 2013
R1250GS ABS LC 2019
R1250GS Adventure ABS LC 2019
R1250R ABS LC 2019
R1250RS ABS LC 2019
R1250RT ABS LC 2019
S1000R ABS 2014-2019
S1000RR ABS 2010-2019
S1000XR ABS 2015-2019

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