Kriega - OS-Platform SW-Motech Evo / Pro Fit

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Virtually indestructible Nylon 6 Platform, lighter than alloy and without fatigue issues machined with optional attachment points enabling you to set-up the bike to suit your adventure.

  • Mount a single OS-32 or OS-22 SOFT PANNIER or a single 1.75 Rotopax™ fuel or water container.
  • Mount a OS-6 or OS-12 ADVENTURE PACK with single or double 1 gallon Rotopax™ fuel/water containers.
  • 10mm Nylon-6 construction.
  • CNC machined.
  • Includes fitting kit for SW-Motech EVO or PRO pannier frame.
  • Universal design, fits left or right side.

Priced per single platform


  • Dimensions: 390x300x10mm (15.3"x11.8"x 0.3")
  • Total Weight: 1050g / 37 oz

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