Mobile Warming - 3.7v Bluetooth Battery for Heated BT Socks

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Mobile Warming® uses only the highest quality Lithium-Ion batteries to ensure long-lasting power and battery life. Their batteries are designed to power your Mobile Warming product for hours ensuring you stay warm and comfortable.

The 3.7volt Premium Bluetooth® battery is exclusive to Mobile Warming's Premium BT Socks and requires MW-Connect® App to use.

How long does the battery last?

Mobile Warming garments have multiple power settings to tailor to your unique heating needs and to get the most out of your heated gear! On these socks you typically have a single heat zone that can be run at 4 different heat settings.

Here is an estimated battery life you can expect depending on the heat setting:

  • 25% : 11 hours
  • 50% : 8 hours
  • 75% : 5 hours
  • 100% : 4 hours

Switching between power settings on the fly is made easy through an accessible tactile outer button on your heated gear or through the MW-Connect APP. Staying warm has never been so easy.

Batteries sold individually. Not in Pairs.


    • Rating: 3.7volts, 2200mAh
    • Input: DC Jack 4.7volt@1A / Micro USB 5V@0.8A
    • Charge Time: 3.5hrs
    • Size Inches: 2.8in x 1.8in x .5in
    • Size Metric: 73mm x 47mm x 13.5mm
    • No charger Included

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