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The Motion Pro® Cooling System Tester allows you to pressurize your motorcycle or ATV cooling system in order to check both the radiator and radiator cap for leaks and correct pressure release limit. Unique design allows you to test the cooling system on a running engine to check for leaks or excessive pressure when system is hot, or use a common hand pump to pressurize a non-running system. Remote, accurate, easy to read gauge makes readings and diagnosis easy. Radiator adapter will work with most motorcycle, ATV and UTV applications equipped with a 30mm spout.


  • Type-A Kit:
  • Designed to work on radiator necks ranging from 15.75mm-20mm most commonly found on Japanese manufactured radiators, 16 and up KTM models, and some late model water-cooled American V-Twin models
  • Type-B Kit:
  • Designed to work on radiator necks ranging from 20mm-24.5mm most commonly found on European manufactured radiators and 15 and earlier KTM models.

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