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A powerful formulation which is extremely effective at dissolving and washing away contaminated chain lube and the combination of oil and dirt which has dried on over time. Slow-evaporating solvents remain on the surface for longer, in order to dissolve more dirt; more effective if allowed to soak for a few minutes before being wiped off. An emulsifying formula allows the product to be washed away after use.
  • Specially formulated to evaporate quickly ensuring a residual free chain.
  • Provides a clean chain ready to be used in conjunction with Mint chain lubes.
  • Mint Chain cleaner is easy to use.
  • High power delivery ensures dirt and grime is removed quickly.
  • Safe to use on chains, swing arms, Sprockets, O, X and Z rings chains.
  • Regular cleaning of your chain will extend the life of your chain and maintain performance.

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