SKF Oil & Dust Fork Seal Kit 48mm (Regular or Heavy Duty)

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These are the best seals you can get for your KTM WP 48mm forks. Available in Heavy Duty or Regular version.

SKF offer a low friction fork seal solution, which improves feel and comfort, while increasing the reliability through better dirt exclusion.

Regular v.s. Heavy Duty

The main oil seal is the same in both kits. The difference is in the dust seal (the second seal that is visible from outside.

Regular seal kit is direct replacement of the stock WP seals. The Heavy Duty seal kit has the same main seal as the Regular but the dust seal has two lips instead of one.

Heavy duty version of the kit uses a scraper seal (dust seal) with a dual lip design to better protect the main seal (oil seal). The dual lip design creates a further labyrinth to trap dirt from reaching the main seal. The down side is that they cost more and they have just slightly more resistant but that is minimal.

Select the regular version for normal dual sport use. Select the Heavy Duty if you often ride in extremely muddy trails. Regular version is equivalent of stock WP seals.


  • Reduced and constant friction - REDUCTION OF OVER 20%
  • Improved feel and smoothness
  • Compatibility with a wide range of OE and after market oils
  • Increased life and performance
  • Enhanced water and dirt protection capability
  • Reduced wear and air suction


ALL 48mm WP forks including:

  • 2003+ KTM 125-1290
  • 2003+ Husaberg
  • 2014+ Husqvarna 125-701

Please note each package has one dust seal and one main seal to service ONE fork.

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