Steering Damper for KTM 790/890 Adventure and Husqvarna Norden 901

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Due to high demands for Scotts Steering Dampers and production delays at Scotts manufacturing plant, if your order includes a Scotts Steering Damper, there may be a delay of 1 to 3 weeks in shipping your package. We receive weekly shipments of dampers from Scotts and fulfill orders on a first come first serve basis.


TripleClamp Moto's steering damper mount is a simple yet effective kit to install the Scotts industry-standard steering damper on your KTM 790/890 Adventure, Adventure R and Adventure Rally Edition.

Damper Link-arm is included in all variations of this kit. There is no need to order the linkage arm separately.

  • 20mm of rise absolute minimum rise needed to fit the damper (Raisers Blocks are available)
  • Multiple handlebar positions with incremental offsets to choose from
  • Solid mount, made of billet aluminum
  • Stainless steel post mount for durability and strength
  • Full kit includes an OFF-ROAD damper. If you need a ROAD damper instead, please get in touch.

Available with two different damper mount


  • Wider (108mm) clamping of handlebars.
  • Ideal for installation of Xtrig PHDS vibration and impact dampening handlebar clamps.
  • %100 compatible with factory handlebar clamps and XTRIG PHDS 50100008
  • This allows you to install the Xtrig PHDS clamps in all four positions with or without additional risers.
  • It works just fine with factory handlebar clamps.


  • Standard/factory 90mm distance between handlebar clamps.
  • You may need this version if you have aftermarket mounts, such as a GPS mount that sit on top of the handlebar, and use the handlebar clamp bolts.
  • You can still mount the XTRIG PHDS using this version but only at the most forward postion and with the additional raisers that come with that kit.

Damper linkage arm required for this kit has to be minimum 10mm longer than standard arm. It can be flat or stepped. We supply a flat +12mm damper arm with this kit.

What is included

  • Damper mount of your choice (wide or standard)
  • 2x M10x25mm Titanium bolts (gold or silver plated)
  • 1x Damper link arm (flat +12mm)
  • 1x Pin holder and Pin set (Hardened Stainless steel)
  • 1x Scotts steering damper/stabilizer Off-road model (Full kit only)

*We will install the link arm on the damper for you when you purchase the full kit. If you already own a damper you might want to purchase a damper puller tool


  • KTM 790 Adventure (all models)
  • KTM 890 Adventure (all models)
  • Husqvarna Norden 901 (some modifications to the top tank plastic needed to accommodate the pin holder)

NOTE: When you purchase the full kit which includes a new Scotts damper, we discount the cost of our damper mount.

Compatible with our Handlebar Riser Blocks and Xtrig PHDS 50100008 handle bar clamps.

*Patent pending

Installation instructions are available here for download.

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